Sail NoGBR1540C
ClassLaser 28
DesignerBruce Farr
Ship RegistrySSR123713
Home ClubRoyal Southampton YC
OwnerColin Woodruff


Blazer as originally named was changed to Reproduction for a while before the present owner brought her and changed it back.

Many changes have occured since then but the boat overall is pretty standard.

Both Keel and rudder have been returned to the original shape.

One exception is the Mast that was renewed in 1999 after the original failed.

Recent History

Blazer has been very lucky over the time the present owner has had her maintained for the best part; and a core crew who have been reliable and have greatly contributed to her success.

We have had some great times especially in the JOG fleet and sunk our fair share of pints in France and the Channel islands.

Perhaps our best years have been in 2003 and 2008 when we won the Offshore and subsequently the Inshore JOG series.

Blazer continues to be competitive despite having a higher handicap than other Laser 28's in the area.